5 Unexpected Costs You May Face When Selling Your House in La Habra
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You can avoid the shock and effects of the true costs associated with selling your house in La Habra with careful planning. Additionally, this information might be useful to you by guiding your decision-making regarding the optimal sales strategy for your specific set of circumstances. So continue reading as we discuss the five unforeseen expenses you might incur when selling your house in La Habra.


In La Habra, one of the unforeseen expenses you could incur when selling your house is if an inspection reveals a problem. All too frequently, when sellers start making repairs, they discover that they lack the resources, the time, or the mental and emotional fortitude to finish the task. When a buyer is applying for a loan, this information may become known to those who may have listed their property without performing their inspection. This information can seriously hinder negotiations. You won’t have to worry about passing the inspection because experienced buyers like those at Haven Homebuyers will buy your house directly, as-is, for cash.

Holding Costs

Are we there yet? definitely got old after a while if you’ve ever had a long road journey with kids. But regrettably, when clients confront the unanticipated costs of holding the property during the listing period when selling their home in La Habra, realtors frequently hear something similar from consumers. These expenses—which may also include travel expenditures to maintain the present home—are doubled for people who must relocate before their property may be sold. Mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utility bills, and maintenance are all included in these holding costs. Professional buyers like those at Haven Homebuyers offer a closing date guarantee, usually within a few days, or we can work with you and let you choose your closing date.

Costs You May Face When Selling Your House in La Habra


Another unforeseen price you can encounter when selling your house in La Habra is marketing costs. To fulfill the expectations of tech-savvy customers who quickly scroll through listings with poor-quality photos, today’s listings must be on the top web platforms and have high-quality digital pictures. Professional starers are now used by agents to assist sell your house for the highest final sales price. You can save the preparation work, ongoing cleaning, and showing-related stress by not marketing your house to professional purchasers like those at Haven Homebuyers and keep your money in your pocket.

Closing Costs

Another unforeseen price you can encounter when selling your home in La Habra is the extra costs related to the closing. Professional buyers, such as those at Haven Homebuyers, collaborate with an internal staff of full-service industry experts, including title and closing experts. When you conduct a direct sale to one of the knowledgeable purchasers at Haven Homebuyers, you won’t be required to pay any closing charges.

Professional Fees

Broker fees, additional professional expenses, such as those for inspectors and appraisers, add up to even more unforeseen costs that you may encounter when selling your home in La Habra on top of the high commissions charged by a real estate agent. The knowledgeable purchasers at Haven Homebuyers never impose commission fees. At Haven Homebuyers, we conduct a direct transaction to one of our qualified purchasers in complete transparency. As a result, when you accept an offer from Haven Homebuyers, there are never any unexpected costs or fees that will reduce your earnings; the amount of the offer is the sum of money you will pay at closure.

Let a qualified buyer from Haven Homebuyers assist you in planning for any unforeseen expenses you might incur when selling your home in La Habra. Talk to our knowledgeable professionals at Haven Homebuyers about any obstacles you feel prevent you from selling, and find out how quickly our qualified buyers can address your problems without putting you under any commitment. Dial 714-515-6515 to reach Haven Homebuyers.

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