How to Handle Liens and Tax Problems When Selling Your House in Irvine, CA
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Selling your house in Irvine, CA may be the best way to solve your problem; nevertheless, the procedure is already stressful, and the presence of a lien or tax issues would make things even more difficult. As a result, you must pay off this obligation before selling the property, and you must do it in a specific order based on the lienholder’s status, such as principal or secondary mortgages or primary tax liens. In more intricate circumstances, you should seek the advice of a competent tax counsellor or attorney.

When you have a lien on your house because of a tax debt, the growing penalties and interest are certainly adding to the stress. Because tax bills grow in size over time, acting quickly will save any remaining equity and lift the dark cloud that hangs over your head. Whatever you do, don’t try to disguise the problem or list your house until you’ve created a plan to get out from under your lienholders’ grip, as this could result in even more costly delays.

Liens and Tax Problems When Selling Your House in Irvine

Whatever you do after you’ve paid off the obligation, be sure you get evidence in the form of a documented lien release, lien discharge, or satisfaction of mortgage. You’ll need to file a request for a certificate of release before closing if the lien is still on the house and you have documentation that you’ve paid the taxes. Are you interested in learning more about how to deal with this situation? Continue reading to learn how to deal with liens and tax issues when selling your home in Irvine, CA.


While burying your head in the sand isn’t a good idea, if you’ve been living under the lien for more than ten years and the debt isn’t too large, the IRS may let the obligation expire. However, proceed with caution because there is only a small chance that your debt will just vanish. Uncle Sam, on the other hand, usually files a collection lawsuit against the debtor.

Pay It Off

Of course, if you should have the funds available, the simplest way to handle liens and tax problems when selling your house Irvine, CA is to pay off the debt.


If there isn’t enough equity to cover the overall loan, you could attempt negotiating to address liens and tax issues when selling your house in Irvine, CA. This is something that should be done with the help of an attorney.


When selling your home in Irvine, CA disputing the debt is another option for dealing with liens and tax issues; however, if the debt is with the IRS, you must have a qualified tax expert appointed to represent you.


Another strategy to deal with liens and tax problems when selling your house in Irvine, CA is to find a cash buyer if the conditions allow it legally, understanding that the buyer will have to settle the debt if they want to sell the house again in the future.

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