3 Things To Know Before Selling Your House In Los Angeles On Your Own
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Things to know before selling your house on your own in Los Angeles – So now that you’ve made the decision to sell your house, the following step is to choose the sales strategy that works best for your situation and the property’s condition. So it stands to reason that your first thought when considering how to sell was probably to call a real estate agent. The second alternative available to homeowners is selling their homes independently or as an FSBO. On second thinking, though, the notion of paying the high real estate commissions undoubtedly stopped you from picking up the phone.

So continue reading as we discuss these three crucial points you need to be aware of before selling your house independently in Los Angeles.

FSBO Final Sales Prices

It’s important to keep in mind that, on average, FSBO properties in Los Angeles sell for about 26% less than those listed with an agent. Selling your property FSBO might not be the best option if you’re seeking to save money by skipping commissions. Selling directly to a local, reputable house buyer like Haven Homebuyers will help you save time and money because we never charge commissions and there are no additional costs that will reduce your closing proceeds. At Haven Homebuyers, our professional home buyers will detail how much you could sell by listing vs. what you’ll earn through a direct sale, so you can make an educated decision about what is best in your situation.

Know Before Selling Your House In Los Angeles On Your Own

Buyer Pool

The National Association of Realtors reports that over 90% of purchasers in Los Angeles utilize a real estate agent to find a home, which is another pertinent data you should be aware of before selling your house on your own. Since only approximately 5% of buyers opt to buy directly from the seller, you should be aware of this unless you already have a buyer lined up among friends or family. When you’ve spent so much time, money, and effort to sell your house, the silence of waiting for a qualified buyer to show up may be agonizing. You’ll have a fixed closing date when working with a seasoned home buyer like those at Haven Homebuyers, which is often within weeks. If you’re not quite ready to move so soon, just talk to your direct buyer from Haven Homebuyers about what day works best for your upcoming move, and we’ll be happy to schedule the most convenient closing day for you.

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses Pre-Sale

The same industry standards for listings must be used with an FSBO for your listing to stand out against the competition, which is an important fact you should be aware of before selling your house on your own in Los Angeles. To fulfill the needs of the digital online marketplace, real estate brokers significantly rely on technology in their marketing materials, including expert high-quality digital photographers and 360-degree videography. Additionally, they use the staged sales technique; all of these marketing techniques are paid for by the vendor. You could skip the marketing, prep work, showings, and even the repairs, saving yourself even more time, effort, and out-of-pocket costs by selling directly to a professional home buyer like those at Haven Homebuyers; we buy homes as-is for cash.

Before selling your property on your own in Los Angeles, you should be aware of the third way to sell your house: a direct sale to a reputable home buyer at Haven Homebuyers. Talk to a professional home buyer at Haven Homebuyers immediately without any commitment if you have questions about the procedure or think there are obstacles preventing you from selling your house to learn how we can help. Dial 714-515-6515 to reach Haven Homebuyers.


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